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1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)

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Bovine Collagen ReNu Complex 1270mg Capsules + Vit C - Hyaluronic Acid & Biotin Are Brought To You By SkinPep

Containing Ultra Premium Quality, low molecular weight, Double Hydrolysed Type 1 & 3 Bovine Collagen Peptides with added Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, & Vitamin C.

  • Clearer, More Even Skin Tone In 2 Weeks

  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles In 4 Weeks

  • Smoother More Plump Skin In 4 Weeks

Clinically Proven Bovine Collagen Peptides - more info

Various studies have indicated that when taken orally, the specification and concentration of Bovine collagen peptides, as found in "SkinPep Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules" significantly improve basic skin structure and condition when consumed daily, (1-25-01-62)

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    1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)
    1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)
    1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)
    1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)
    1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)
    1270mg Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules + Hyaluronic Acid + VitC + Biotin - (Hydrolysate Peptides)

    One Of The Uk's Fastest Growing Bovine Collagen Capsules Brands


    SkinPep Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules, Your Go-To For Daily Halal Collagen Goodness. Crafted From Cow Hides Sourced From Halal-certified Abattoirs In The Mediterranean, I'm As Pure As It Gets. Plus, I'm Free From Any Haram and Mushbooh E-Numbers, Additives, Or Preservatives. It's A Win-Win For Your Health And Your Faith!"

    Why Is Everyone Buzzing About The "Ultra Premium SkinPep Bovine Collagen Complex Re-Nu Capsules? Because It's Simply Transformative. Let's Break It Down:

    * Say Hello To Supple, Younger-looking Skin
    * Bid Adieu To Fine Lines And Wrinkles
    * Unlock Healthier Hair And Nails
    * Enjoy Smoother Joint movement
    * Nurture Your Gut Health
    * Boost Your Energy Levels

    With Millions Of Doses Flying Off The Shelves Across The UK And The EU Annually, Collagen Hydrolysate Peptides capsules Reign Supreme As The Best-Selling Collagen Supplement,

    Consistency is key, and the results? Game-changers. That's why we've got thousands of monthly subscribers singing its praises.

    So, what's the secret sauce? It's the unique blend of bioactive collagen peptides specially crafted to lavish your skin, hair, and nails with love. And thanks to its optimized low molecular weight, our instant collagen granule powder is a hit among those seeking joint and gut health improvements.

    But wait, is it hassle-free to incorporate into your daily routine?

    Love the convenience of automatic deliveries? Us too! Sign up for our subscription service, and voilà—your SkinPep Pure Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules will arrive at your doorstep each month, plus you'll snag a sweet 20% discount.


    – Each serving (only two capsules) contains 1140mg of Bovine Collagen Peptides (Type I&3) which contributes to normal collagen formation for normal function of the skin.

    Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid 80mg, Biotin 200iu & Vitamin C 50mg (100% RV) bringing the total product strength to 1270mg


    Experience the amazing goodness daily!

    SkinPep Bovine Collagen Complex Capsules is one of the top-selling choices in the UK, designed to effortlessly fit into your hectic schedule.


    "SkinPep Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate Complex Capsules" offers a naturally nutritious solution for supporting skin, hair, and nails. Moreover, our unique grade of collagen peptides is specially optimized to provide natural benefits for joint health.


    Our rigorously tested Bovine + Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C collagen capsules are rich in the 8 Essential Amino Acids, featuring small, easily absorbed collagen peptides for maximum effectiveness.


    Collagen, in its original form, can't be efficiently absorbed by the body. That's why we break down collagen proteins into smaller peptides or amino acids, allowing for better absorption. Our "SkinPep Bovine Complex Collagen Re-Nu Capsules are designed with a low molecular weight, ensuring high bioactivity and swift absorption.


    SkinPep Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules are meticulously crafted to be pure and free from any hormones, heavy metals, gluten, wheat, yeast, milk, lactose, soy, and artificial preservatives. Additionally, it's compliant with both Halal and Kosher dietary standards, catering to various dietary needs.


    Our Capsules contain pure Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate which undergoes enzymatic processing for maximum absorption.

    Why Thousands Of People Start Their Day With Halal-Certified SkinPep Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules

    • Smoother Glowing Skin

      • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles in 4 weeks
      • Rebuilds skin structure, for a more even skin tone
      • Improves overall elasticity, for firm, youthful skin
      • Reduces redness, blemishes & targets acne
    • Beautiful Hair, Stronger Nails

      • Thicker, Glossier Hair
      • Healthier, Stronger Nails
      • Suitable For All Skin Types
      • Sugar-free, Zero Nasties
    • Amazing Value For Money

      • 60 Servings Per 120 Capsule Pack
      • As low as £0.25p Per Day
      • Up to 50% Bigger Serving Size Than The Leading Competitor For The Same Price




    Halal & Kosher Certified



    Double Hydrolysed For Instant Absorption



    Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid + Biotin



    Double Hydrolysed For Instant Absorption



    Total Cost Per 60-Day Supply (MONTHLY Subscription)




    SkinPep Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsues are optimised for maximum absorption, solubility, & efficacy. Loved by thousands of people, because "They Work".

    Why not go ahead and try it for yourself, take up to 2 SkinPep Bovine Mix Collagen Capsules every day to gain the benefits of Type I and III collagen.

    DOUBLE HYDROLYSED SUPERIOR ABSORPTION - We hydrolyse bovine Hides TWICE (to make sure the protein is easier for your body to absorb then deodorised, decolourized & filter purified to create the highest quality Bovine collagen granules available In The UK & EU*


    We use sustainable practices to source Grass Fed pasture-raised bovine hides without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics to ensure 100% purity, cleanliness, and quality. We don’t mix in random Bovine wastage. No additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, junk, or fillers. Triple-tested by third-party certified labs. Non-GMO. Kosher. Halal. Paleo. Keto. Whole Food

    HAIR, SKIN, & NAILS LOVE IT! - PURE & RICH PROFILE! - Max Levels Of 8 Essential Amino Acids

    Collagen, made of amino acids, forms the foundation of connective tissue found in all major body tissues; Including HAIR, SKIN, NAILS, JOINTS AND GUMS!

    Serving as a binding agent, collagen acts as a 'glue', maintaining cohesion among cells and tissues.

    SkinPep's scientifically tested Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules boast Hyaluronic acid, Biotin & Vitamin C along with abundant levels of the 8 Essential Amino Acid easily absorbable collagen peptides.

    POWERHOUSE OF WELLNESS, Including Bovine Collagen Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin & Vitamin C

    BIOTIN - also known as vitamin B7 supports the production of keratin, which can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

    VITAMIN C - promotes the normal function of the immune system and contributes to the production of cells from oxidative stress. Is important in the synthesis of collagen and has an active role in its production.

    HYALURONIC ACID - A gel-like molecule that binds water to retain moisture. Although our body can produce it naturally our levels decline as we age. Supplementing with it improves overall skin moisture.

    What Is So Special About SkinPep's Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules Supplement?

    • Results In 12 weeks!

      Based on consistent feedback from the vast majority of our customers, noticeable improvements in hair, skin, nails, and overall well-being are reported within 12 weeks of taking 2 of our collagen capsules daily.

    • Easy To Swallow Daily Capsules!

      Taking our versatile collagen peptide capsules is easy because they have no weird smell or aftertaste. Just swallow with plain water for maximum hydration with benefits.

    • Free From Nasties!

      In SkinPep Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules, you won't find any additives, fillers, bulking agents, or cost-reducing ingredients. You're receiving the purest form of collagen peptides, completely free from hormones, nanoparticles, and heavy metals.

    See Our Amazing Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules Customer Reviews

    Great product

    The product itself is very reasonably priced and the best Collagen I have ever tried. Cant fault customer service either I can advise this company to everyone and they sent me a few free samples as well

    Gina, London

    Extremely happy with purchase and service

    Recommended for use by my dietician. Used this in the morning. I used to suffer from back acne, and this has helped tremendously. I drink one tablespoon of it in the morning, every morning. It's tasteless so i add it to my morning coffee.

    Anna , Liverpool

    Real result
    I am 54 years age, I have drunk this collagen continuously for more than 2 years and I can tell that my skin looks much healthier. I can not live without it. Thanks skinpep

    Peter, Manchester

    Amazing Results!

    Very pleased with this collagen powder! I really like how easy
    this dissolves into my tea and smoothies. I have been using this for a few months and skin, hair and nails are improving. Bald spot in my hair has gone now!

    Michelle, London

    Top Q&A's To Know Before Ordering SkinPep 1270mg Bovine Collagen Re-Nu Complex Capsules

    What Is Collagen

    Collagen, the unsung hero of our bodies! It's not just any protein - it's the superstar found abundantly in our hair, bones, tendons, ligaments, and even our eyes and organs. This mighty protein is what gives our skin that youthful bounce and our joints their flexibility. Think of it as the glue that holds everything together, ensuring our skin, cartilage, and bones stay strong, elastic, and ready to regenerate.

    Beyond its structural role, collagen provides the vital strength and elasticity essential for the integrity, elasticity, and regeneration of skin, cartilage, and bones. Constituting nearly 30% of all human protein, it's the molecular glue holding our cellular and tissue architecture together.

    Amazingly, it makes up almost 30% of all human protein content! Without collagen, we’d be like a house of cards waiting to collapse.

    Why Do I Need A Collagen Capsules Supplement

    Picture this: amino acids, the superheroes of our bodies! They're the essential building blocks that power healing, growth, repair, and that much-needed rejuvenation. But here's the kicker: our body's ability to produce collagen, fueled by these mighty amino acids, hits its peak around age 20 and then takes a nosedive as the years roll on. Cue the gradual breakdown of protein fibers, leaving our skin parched, thinner, and adorned with those unwelcome wrinkles. And it doesn't stop there – think bone and cartilage loss, accompanied by the all-too-familiar joint pain, discomfort, and inflammation. And wait, there's more: hair that starts to thin, hormones running amok, and a whole host of other body complaints, from creaks to digestive woes.

    But fear not! Amazing SkinPep Bovine Mix Collagen Re-Nu Capsules packs a punch with 18 amino acids, including those eight essential ones your body craves, ready to fight back against the signs of aging and keep you feeling vibrant and alive!

    How Do Subscriptions Work?

    You have complete flexibility with your subscription, pause or cancel at any time, Simply email us at customer-service @ and we'll do the rest for you.

    Are SkinPep Bovine Mix Collagen Capsules Free From Antibiotics & Hormones?

    Yes! - SkinPep Bovine Mix Collagen Capsules are free from additives, preservatives, or bulking agents. What you receive is pure bovine collagen plus vitamin goodness, devoid of any unwanted elements such as fat, sugar, carbs, or cholesterol.

    What Is The Molecular Weight Of Skinpep Bovine Collagen Granules In Daltons?

    The average molecular weight of SkinPep Bovine Mix Collagen Re-Nu Capsule Peptides is 2 kDa (2000 Daltons), ensuring optimal bioavailability. This sets it apart from other bovine collagen supplements on the market, offering unparalleled effectiveness.

    How Many Servings Are There Per 120 Capsule Recyclable Pouch?

    Our 2-capsule-per-day serving suggestion offers a 60-day supply.